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Sustaining Membership — TEST

The Nashville Community Darkroom is more than just a darkroom.

The Nashville Community Darkroom is not just a place for established photographers to work.  We are a nonprofit arts organization, dedicated to teaching and learning through the arts in Nashville.  Our mission is to work with all members of our community, including students, community groups such as Magdalene House and the Martha O’Bryan Center, and others to connect arts and education in Nashville.  This mission supports all members of the community, not just our regular monthly darkroom members.

That’s why we’ve created our Sustaining Member Program.

The Sustaining Member Program further extends the opportunities for involvement with Nashville Community Darkroom, allowing those who might not use the darkroom for developing and printing to participate in the educational mission of the NCD, supporting opportunities for arts education in Nashville.

For either $5 or $10 a month, you can be a sustaining member of the Nashville Community Darkroom.

Who are Sustaining Members? Sustaining Members are supporters who make a small monthly pledge to fund the educational mission of the Nashville Community Darkroom. Your financial commitment, combined with that of others, creates a fund to sustain our educational programs throughout the year.

It may seem like a small amount, but your $5 pledge can buy a roll of film for a student participating in her first photography class. Your $10 pledge can buy paper for a student learning how to make his first prints in the darkroom, or supplies for when take our workshops into classrooms around the city. Our Sustaining Members provide much needed operational funds to make our educational programming possible.

Interested?  Click here, enter your pledge, and click the “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” box.  That’s it!

Our Sustaining Members get a whole host of benefits!

But wait — there’s more!

If you pledge at the $10/month Sustaining Member level, in addition to the above benefits, you’ll get a surprise gift in the mail each year!

  • Once we’re fully up and running, all our $10/month sustaining members will receive a surprise gift during their pledge year. It might be a print made by a photographer in the darkroom, it might be a project one of our students worked on, it might be a poster from one of our events. The surprise is part of the fun… but we promise you’ll love it!

As a fledgling education and arts nonprofit, we need the support of the community in Nashville, and beyond.  We hope that $5 or $10 is not a lot to ask; in return, we promise that the Nashville Community Darkroom will reinvigorate education and the arts in Nashville, and beyond!

Please, become a Sustaining Member today, and help make Nashville an even better place for the arts!