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Round 2


Alright, so we didn’t knock it out in round 1, but we got pretty damn close didn’t we? I mean $15,000, with about half of that in the last week. That’s a serious amount of support! Many many thanks to our donors, from all the folks on Kickstarter to all the artists like Ben Folds, Alan Messer, Jerry Atnip and Jim Herrington who have helped us make this happen.

With the final momentum that we had (Thanks Channel 4 and Channel 5!), it’s pretty clear that we would have made our goal if our Kickstarter campaign went just a few days longer. That said, we’ve got the support we need at this point! Our inboxes have been flooded with emails from supporters who found out about our cause just a bit too late, and are still asking for ways to help.

Well it’s very simple, y’all. We’re going to re-launch the Kickstarter! Very very soon in fact! One of the great things about Kickstarter is that our entire campaign remains on the site and we can re-launch whenever we so choose. The donor history remains, and we can humbly ask all of our amazing supporters if their donations remain. We’ll lower the goal, and if the majority of our support is sustained, then we get the funds. Then, this amazing space can be open in time for the fall school semester like originally planned The amount of support has truly blown us away, and it’s made us realize that we don’t need to rely on Kickstarter for 100% of our funding.

A million thanks to those who have already supported us, and we’ll soon be asking if your support continues. Many more thanks to those who still continue to reach out to us. All of us here at the NCD truly believe that this can be (and will be!) in operation by the end of summer. The first bout was so close, and we came out still standing. Let’s shut ’em down in the sequel.



June 23, 2013


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