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Our Mission

Our mission.

The Nashville Community Darkroom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community arts center whose mission is to educate local students and community members about film photography and traditional film processes as a means of self-expression, educational development, and community engagement.

The Nashville Community Darkroom carries out its mission in several ways. First, it works with local schools to offer integrated arts education and arts enrichment programs focused on film photography, portraiture, traditional processes, the business of photography, and more.  The NCD sends volunteers into local schools and community organizations to teach photography, often integrated in a cross-curricular manner, with the goal of the students or community members producing their own work.

After several meetings and workshops, these students then come to our facility in East Nashville to work hands-on developing their own film and making prints.

The goal of each educational partnership is for participants to leave with a knowledge of how to take and make photographs, as well as a body of tangible work.  Most collaborations also end with a curated show at our Gallery, with full reception, press release, etc.  These shows often move on to other venues in the Nashville area after their initial run in the NCD Gallery.

Second, the Nashville Community Darkroom is a community arts hub.  The NCD offers classes, workshops, lessons, and more in our space, and provides a meeting place for artists and students.  We also provide gallery space in the NCD Gallery for our members and other artists in the community to display our work.

Finally, the Nashville Community Darkroom accepts a limited number of community members, whose membership fees support the work of the nonprofit.  These members have access to the NCD facility to develop film, make prints, mount exhibitions, and more.