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625 Hart Lane, Nashville, TN 37216

We are a membership-based community space.

The Nashville Community Darkroom is not just a wet lab; it is a gallery, a classroom, a meeting space, and more.  We will be working with local K-12 students and other nonprofits to teach photography and darkroom technique, and to exhibit work in the space.  T

Once you’re a member (oh, you lucky chosen few!) you’ll have unlimited come-and-go access to the NCD during our open hours.  We have a biometric (fingerprint) access reader to allow members access as well as security.  You’ll also have first dibs at exhibiting in our gallery space, and will get reduced rates on either teaching or taking classes at the Darkroom.  What a deal!

Here’s how it works: The rate you pay is based on the number of months you commit to. The longer your contract, the lower the rate. We’re looking for continuity in our financing as much as we’re able, so we’d love to have you for a year or more. We understand, however, that not everyone wants to commit to a year up front. Since it’s more difficult for our budgeting to have short-term members, we have set shorter memberships at higher rates.

  • 12-month: $35/month
  • 6-month: $50/month
  • 3-month: $75/month
  • 1-month: $100/month

PLEASE NOTE: A $100 cancellation fee will be due if you cancel or resign your membership prior to expiration of your membership term, or are delinquent in paying membership fees for 2 months or more.

Three things to note:

  1. Memberships will be charged on a monthly basis. No matter how long your contract, you’ll just be charged once a month. There are, however, discounts available if you pay the full amount of your contract up front.
  2. 1 month is the shortest we’re going to go. It’s not fiscally sustainable to do hourly or daily rent-outs. Sorry.
  3. There is an application fee. This covers a couple of things: a background check, your orientation class, and upkeep on the biometric access. The background check is $29, so we’re just passing that cost along. The rest goes towards the orientation (copies of stuff you’ll be given, and the time of the NCD person doing the class) and upkeep on the fingerprint reader (i.e., adding new members to the reader, updating the software, upkeep on the PC, etc.). The application fee is $50.