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(We) Got What You Need

enlarger_stations (B&W)

Our facility includes:

Large wet lab

  • 9 enlarger stations
  • 7 standard black & white, capable of handling 35mm or 120mm negatives
  • 2 large format (one of which is hydraulic), capable of handling up to 4×5 negatives
  • Most have swivel heads for wall/floor enlarging
  • Grain focusers and easels of all sizes
  • Darkroom sink, print washer, tongs, trays (including large-format print trays), etc.
  • Print drying rack with screens

Film Loading Roomworking_at_sink

  • Tanks and reels — plastic and steel
  • Film dryers
  • Dust-free negative drying space

Gallery and Classroom

  • Heated print dryers
  • Light boxes
  • Toning supplies


Don’t have many tools of your own? We’ve got you covered! Our darkroom is stocked with basic Ilford multi-grade chemistry for black and white film and print processing, plus all the tools you need to get started.