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Membership FAQ — TEST

Frequently asked questions:

How much does a membership cost?

It varies, depending on the length of your contract.

    • 12-month: $35/month
    • 6-month: $50/month
    • 3-month: $75/month
    • 1-month: $100/month

For more information, check out our Rates and Subscriptions page.
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How do I pay for membership?

We prefer payment through Paypal (i.e., paypal account or credit card), because your recurring payment is set up on the front end. However, we also accept checks, money orders, etc. or can swipe a credit card for you at the facility.
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Can I pay in installments?

Yep, check out the answer to “How do I pay for membership?”
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Can I pay up front?

Yes. Same payment options apply (Paypal, check, money order, swipe a card at the NCD, etc.).
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What are the NCD’s hours?

7 a.m. to 10 p.m.  NCD reserves the right to alter the hours, but members will be given plenty of notice if this happens.
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Do I have to schedule a time to come in?

No. The NCD has biometric (fingerprint) access. During our open hours, members are free to come and go as they wish. Equipment will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
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What’s the deal with the background check?

Because we’re a nonprofit working with children (and will have students using the darkroom), we feel we need to do a check on prospective members.  It also makes our insurer and landlord happy. That being said, if there’s some charge lurking on your record, please don’t feel like you shouldn’t apply. Each membership application is examined on a case-by-case basis, and we are always happy to discuss the issue with you. Minor charges and traffic charges are not what we’re looking for here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us (or give us a call).
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If you’re a member, yes! If you’re not, then it’s going to depend on space. Our priority will be displaying the work of our members and the students we work with in the community. If, however, we have space, we’re excited about showing the work of non-member photographers as well!
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Can I take classes at the NCD?  How much do they cost?

Yes! Cost and scheduling will vary by instructor. The NCD will have regular beginner and orientation classes, as well as periodic one-day “soup to nuts” classes covering everything from the use of a film camera through developing the film and making prints. Other classes will be taught by NCD members, and those in the community who wish to teach.  NCD members will receive a discount on class fees.
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Can I teach classes (and charge tuition) at the NCD?

Yes! Anyone teaching a class will pay NCD either an up-front fee or a percentage of the class tuition received. These arrangements will be worked out on a case-by-case basis. NCD members will receive a discounted fee/percentage rate for teaching classes.
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Can I buy supplies at the NCD?

Yes! Though members are responsible for providing their own film and paper, we will have a partnership with PSU (Photographic Systems Unlimited) so that members can purchase film and paper at the darkroom. We’re still working through the logistics on this one, so it may be a few months before this option is fully available.
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