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Nashville’s Red Light District

Conceived by an intrepid band of film photography enthusiasts, including professional photographers, a lawyer, an architect, musicians, and others, the Nashville Community Darkroom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit contributing to arts and education in Nashville, as the renaissance of film photography continues to flourish.

The Nashville Community Darkroom is a community center, focused not only on the work of local artists, but also on educating local students and the community about film photography and traditional film processes.

The Nashville Community Darkroom serves two main purposes.

First, the Nashville Community Darkroom works with local schools and community organizations to offer arts education, focused on film photography, portraiture, traditional processes, the business of photography, and more.  NCD sends volunteers to local schools and organizations to teach, and students and members of the community also come work in the darkroom, gaining hands-on experience and the chance to build a portfolio and exhibit.  Read more about our mission here.

Second, it is a professionally-equipped darkroom, workspace, and gallery that members can use for personal and professional projects.  Monthly rates are set at prices affordable for students, hobbyists, and starving artists.

The Nashville Community Darkroom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  It is located at 1143 Gallatin Ave. in East Nashville, and houses a darkroom/wet lab with 9 enlargers (including several large-format enlargers), film-loading room, classroom space, lighted workspace, and a small gallery.  Click here for more information about the facility and our equipment. The Nashville Community Darkroom is membersupported, but also relies on community support and other fundraising efforts.

We’ve been featured a number of times in the local media, so check us out in the East Nashvillian, the Nashville Scene (here, here, and here), Nashville Arts Magazine, 12th and Broad; listen to an interview with two of its founders on Lightning 100; or see local news stories featuring the Nashville Community Darkroom on  News Channel 5 and News Channel 4.  You can also check out the Nashville Community Darkroom’s successful Kickstarter campaign.

If you like what you see, please don’t hesitate to donate to our organization.  You can become a sustaining member, and help us support photography and the arts in Nashville!

Finally, here’s a video explaining a bit about the formation of the Nashville Community Darkroom (produced for our Kickstarter campaign):