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Facilities and Equipment — TEST

(We) Got What You Need

In addition to our gallery and classroom, we have a large wet lab and film loading room.  For film loading, we have multiple tanks and reels (plastic and steel) that can accommodate up to medium format (120mm or equivalent) film.  We also have several film dryers.

Currently, we have 9 enlarger stations.  We have 7 standard black and white enlarger stations, each capable of accepting anything up to medium format (120mm or equivalent) negatives, and capable of making prints of at least 11×14.  Most of the enlargers also have swivel-heads, to allow wall and floor-based printing for further enlargement.  One of our standard stations (and Omega) also can handle up to 4×5 negatives.  Finally, we also have one Beseler hydraulic enlarger (The Beast) which has its own station, removable counter top for bigger enlargements (including down to the floor), and can handle up to 4×5 negatives.

To recap: we have a total of 9 stations, two of which can handle up to 4×5, the rest of which can handle up to 120mm.

We have tons of easels, grain focusers, negative carriers, for the enlarger stations, as well as a full darkroom sink, tongs, trays that can accommodate at least 16×20 prints, a print washer, etc.

We will have basic Ilford multigrade chemistry for black and white film and print processing.  There are also a large assortment of additional supplies and equipment.